Hello there!! I’m Alexis Austin, the founder/CEO/momboss behind Curio Press and now the Curio Mama Blog. Most days you can find me in a tank top and yoga pants, in my studio, designing and printing stationery. If I’m not there, you can probably catch me researching health and wellness topics, cooking (A LOT), or designing our new house.

Over the past 7 years, I have become known for creating beautiful stationery and amazing, personal customer service. Little secret? I also have an obsessive personality...but I use that to give my clients the best experience and product I can. And now I am excited to share all my obsessive researching and experimenting with YOU.

I feel so lucky to have a career focused on connecting people through paper and the timeless handwritten note. Curio Press started as a result of a chronic illness that prevented me frim holding a regular job. But I never dedicated myself to getting better until recently. Over the past couple years I have been on a health journey to heal myself and my daughter of chronic illness and we have all benefited so much - it would be irresponsible if I didn’t share it!

As a stationer and small business success, I have been featured by St Louis Business Journal, Saint Louis Magazine, Good Housekeeping, Brit+Co and many more!

If you are dying to hear more, check out my blog posts for posts about things like motherhood, living with chronic illness, clean living and of course, how to have great communication!


I'll talk a lot about them!  
My family is everything to me. Curio Press might have been my first baby,
but I'm learning to put my relationships before work
- a struggle I know a lot of people face.


The Hubby & Daddy


Cutie Patootie


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